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The most successful companies today are the ones whose stories tell how they make a difference in the lives of their customers. And, they are targeted toward a unique customer base.

Your business is a catalyst to greater things. You provide something that

  • creates a moment
  • confirms a hope
  • delivers a promise
  • nurtures a feeling
  • or simplifies this complicated world.

That’s the story you have to tell to get more business.


Choosing your marketing strategies used to be simple. You could publish an ad in the local paper; buy a radio spot; shoot a direct mailing to customers in your area, or discount your services with a coupon.

And then the computer came along and everything changed.

Today’s customers are more likely to turn on their tablet than turn a page in a newspaper.

And in doing so, they are confronted with more options in the shrinking global world. The truth is, even established businesses are facing competitive challenges like never before.

Silver Tablet Marketing will work with you as a partner to create effective marketing strategies. Together we’ll untangle all the options and create a cohesive, strategic plan that meets your business goals. Whether you need someone to execute your entire plan or just a piece of it, we’re here to help.

Don’t be satisfied with an off-the-shelf marketing plan that’s “customized” in a day and only provides you with a series of generic steps to follow.

You deserve more.

Silver Tablet Marketing doesn’t give you steps to follow. We walk with you. And we provide a flexible menu of services to meet your unique needs.

Our dependence on computers, tablets and mobile phones provides an ocean of marketing data and an opportunity to pinpoint your customers with laser precision. There is no need to cast the same wide net as your competitors. A top marketing strategy will find your exact customer at the exact times they are looking for you, and in the exact place.

Your Full Service Marketing Partner

Without a steady stream of customers, your business won't survive. Hire Silver Tablet  when you don't have the time or desire to develop a marketing strategy and put it into action.

Social Media Marketing

Whether you love it or hate it, social media is here to stay. Let's take advantage the right way.

Project-Based Marketing Services

There are times in every business cycle when you might need extra assistance to implement a special campagin or strategy to achieve your goals. Silver Tablet can assist you on a project basis for a variety of marketing services.

Customer Insight Workshop

No matter what marketing method you choose, its success depends on truly understanding your customer. Go beyond demographics and get actionable insights to boost all of your marketing efforts.

Marketing Coaching & Social Media Training

If you're the kind of entrepreneur who likes to do it yourself, then marketing coaching and social media training is ideal for you.

Website Design & Copywriting

80% of consumers do online research before buying. Make sure your business is the one your prospects find and that you have a sales funnel that leads them down the path to becoming a customer.


Barbara Davidson

Embroidery For You! would like to commend Debbie Ward of Silver Tablet Marketing for assisting us with our social media marketing. Ms. Ward is very knowledgeable on all things related to social media and has a great way of teaching her clients how to use this new marketing trend to reach current clients and giving ideas to help expose us to a new circle of potential clients.  She taught us and assisted us in creating a great FaceBook ad that specifically targeted one of our more targeted client groups.  We have analytics to prove the increased traffic to our website, the inquiries, and ultimately the new orders we received via the ad. Ms. Ward also instructed us on several social media platforms during a second meeting and she is our “go to” social media guru.  We would highly recommend her and her company to other businesses trying to learn this new marketing concept.   ~ Barbara Davidson, President, Embroidery For You!

Will Woodcock

“Silver Tablet has been key in helping me with strategic communication with corporations and educational pieces with others in across the states. ST adds a polished professional touch to make these standout and be memorable. ST really takes the time to find the message and audience that I am speaking to by understanding my goals and targets to get there.  I continue to utilize ST for my continuing efforts and would not consider anyone else.”  ~ Dr. William Woodcock, Owner, Optimum Spine & Sport

Kelly Vincent

“Thank you so much for sharing your time and expertise today with our Social Media Team!  It was very helpful and will give us a great start on our Social Media Plan.  You had a great way of presenting the information and I loved the interactive part of it too!  Can’t wait to start implementing what we learned!”  ~ Kelly Vincent, Director of Communications, Living Word Church

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The name “Silver Tablet” is a modern reference to a the very first form of portable, written communication – the stone tablet. The cornerstone of marketing is the ability to communicate a story, whether it was chiseled on a stone tablet centuries ago or appears on the modern digital tablets of today. The name reminds us that we have to stay true to the art of communication first and foremost and consider the method second when we create every strategy.